Praying for the dead and ministering to the family is central to parish our life. These Catholic cemeteries are parish property. The purchase of a plot and any burial of caskets or ashes must be scheduled with/through the parish office and the pastor. 

To help keep our cemeteries clean and beautiful please be considerate of those that mow. Planting trees, bushes or flowers must be approved by the cemetery committee. Thanks for your cooperation.

We pray for the dead at every Mass. Please join us for Mass or visit one of our cemeteries:


St. John the Baptist Cemetery



St. Dominic Cemetery




St. Patrick Cemetery 




These three cemeteries are managed by one pastor and one committee. The funds are kept distinct. Current committee members: Amanda Bickett, Janelle Shafer, Dean Waldinger, Jerry Gray, Mike Breese, Tim Colgan, Mike Finnegan, Luke Code